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Kierkegaard Quote

I am not a self help guru, and this is not a 12 step program. But, seriously, who are you?  Most of the time, we are a combination of several roles that we play. We are positions and titles. We are caricatures and cliques. We are these shadows of the person we really are. “Know […]

Is 35 the New 50?


I turned 35 on November 4th, 2009. Though not a scientific poll, I have noticed in conversations with peers of my own generation, most of us thought we would be have achieved greatness by 35.  Inundated by tales of twenty-something billionaires, Silicon Valley CEO’s, Indie Rock-stars, and Hollywood-types. Thirty-five is the new fifty.  Victims of our […]



You must De-Commit.  Think of it as getting rid of Calendar Clutter. I am overcommitted. You probably are too. Too many activities, events, social engagements, and extra-curriculars. Calendar clutter weighs us down because it gives us that feeling that we are supposed to be doing something, even when we aren’t supposed to be doing something. […]



You Must De-Clutter. It’s not the same as De-Accumulate, though it’s related. We can accumulate hordes of things we desperately need to get rid of and yet avoid the presence of clutter.  Many of us are careful to avoid the appearance of clutter through strategic organization.  We even organize piles of clutter into neat and […]



You Must De-Accumulate. Stop buying stuff. Now. You have enough, you cannot afford any more, and the more stuff you have, the more stuff you need to take care of and store your stuff. Our homes exist, almost exclusively, as a warehouse for all of our stuff.  Aside from the short time period spent sleeping, […]

10 Things That Might Be Keeping You From Living Your Passion


1. Fear. Fear is an invisible force that keeps 99% of the population from ever accomplishing anything worthwhile, creative, or important.  There are no recorded instances where being afraid of things that might, or might not, happen in the future ever actually influenced the outcome.  So get over it. 2. Failure. I have experienced more […]

Afraid to Create


I am a voracious consumer of media. I am also a media creator. I have always loved music.  I used to be in a band.  Well, technically I still am.  We just recorded some new demos after a 20 year hiatus. I have always loved movies.  I went to film school.  I am a filmmaker […]